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Letter from our Elementary Administrator

Welcome to Risen Savior Academy Elementary!  I’m Jodi Batsch, the Elementary Administrator at RSA.  It’s been my privilege to contribute to the development of our elementary program over the past few years.  Our guiding principle is centered on showing each child the love of Jesus!

Our dedicated teachers work closely with students to ensure not only academic growth but also spiritual development.  The curriculum was carefully chosen to enable our teachers to tailor their approach to meet each child’s learning needs, ensuring their academic growth.  Our classrooms are purposely filled with joy and often songs of praise can be heard throughout the school.

Looking ahead, we are excited to share our plans to expand Risen Savior Academy through to 8th grade.   As we grow, our commitment to excellence in academics and spiritual growth remains unwavering. Our aim is to continue fostering a supportive and joyful learning environment where each student can flourish and prepare for the challenges and opportunities of high school and beyond.

It is my prayer that every student at RSA feels safe, secure, and empowered to thrive academically, emotionally, and spiritually.  I look forward to working with you as a parent of a Risen Savior Academy student!

Jodi Batsch

Risen Savior Academy Elementary Administrator


At Risen Savior Academy, our curriculum is thoughtfully designed to cultivate a deep understanding and appreciation of academic subjects while embedding Christian values and principles at every turn.

  • Christ-Light Curriculum: Our Christ-Light program offers a rich, Bible-based curriculum that enlightens students with the teachings of Christianity.
  • TCI Science and Social Studies: Embracing an inquiry-based approach, our TCI Science curriculum encourages students to actively explore and understand the natural world through interactive and hands-on activities. TCI Social Studies enriches students' perspectives by bringing diverse cultures and historical events to life, enhancing their understanding through immersive storytelling and practical involvement.
  • Reveal Math: With a focus on interactive and enjoyable learning experiences, Reveal Math introduces students to the wonders of mathematics. The curriculum emphasizes a hands-on approach that not only builds strong foundational skills but also fosters a genuine love and appreciation for math through creative problem-solving and critical thinking.
  • Collaborative Classroom for ELA: Our English Language Arts program through Collaborative Classroom centers on developing strong literacy skills. This curriculum integrates cooperative learning with interactive activities, promoting critical thinking, empathy, and effective communication.

Each component of our curriculum supports a holistic educational experience that prepares students not just academically but also spiritually and socially, in a community-focused environment.

A Christian Environment

At Risen Savior Academy, our elementary program is deeply rooted in Christ-centered education. Our teaching and activities revolve around the profound love of our Savior, influencing everything our students learn and do. We integrate a Christian perspective across all subjects, ensuring that our educational environment reflects our faith in every aspect.

Risen Savior Academy is a nurturing ground where the Bible is not just a book, but the foundation of all our teachings and values. Our students are immersed in scripture, learning to apply biblical lessons to their daily lives, fostering a deep, personal relationship with God. It's a place where love for God and His Word grows within the hearts of our young learners.

Supported by the Risen Savior Lutheran Church, our academy benefits from a vibrant community where pastors and staff offer rich spiritual guidance and support. Families are welcome to join in worship and community activities, find spiritual counseling, and engage with our faith community. For more details on our services and programs, please visit us on Saturday evenings or Sunday mornings for worship or explore more at our website.

Supportive Teachers

At Risen Savior Academy, our elementary program is led by highly qualified and continuously trained educators who are dedicated to fostering:

  • Rigorous academic standards.
  • A secure, disciplined, and supportive learning environment.
  • Tailored and individualized student engagement.
  • Effective and frequent communication between home and school.

Our faculty at Risen Savior Academy is committed to not just teaching, but reaching each student by acknowledging and nurturing their unique abilities and talents. Instruction is personalized to meet the needs of each child, rather than the average of the class, ensuring that every student is motivated and supported in their learning. Furthermore, our educators focus on the holistic development of our students — spiritually, socially, emotionally, physically, and academically, preparing them for all aspects of life.

Involved Community

At Risen Savior Academy, our elementary program is centered around a vibrant community where families actively collaborate to ensure not just exceptional educational outcomes, but also a joyful, healthy upbringing for our children. Our dedicated team of administrators, teachers, and staff firmly believes in the power of partnership between educators and families.

To enhance this partnership and enrich our community life, we offer several opportunities for parental involvement:

  • Participation in classroom and school-wide activities, including field trips and special events.
  • A Parent-Teacher Organization (FORSA) that welcomes volunteer involvement.
  • Community-building events such as our Harvest Party, Valentines Family Dance, and Movie Night that not only bring our families together but also add a layer of fun and enjoyment to our school environment.

Tech at Risen Savior Academy

At Risen Savior Academy, we recognize the pivotal role of technology in modern education. Our administration and faculty ensure that our classrooms are well-equipped with the latest technological tools and resources, tailored to support an education that is both age-appropriate and cutting-edge.

Our secure network infrastructure guarantees a safe digital environment for learning, enabling students to access a wide array of online educational resources. Each classroom features high-tech equipment such as iPads and interactive displays that allow for dynamic and interactive learning experiences. These technologies are seamlessly integrated throughout our curriculum to enhance key skills in communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity.

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