Our guiding principle is to show each child the love of Christ.

We believe in nurturing young minds to understand their value and potential, preparing them to be future leaders, innovators, and responsible community members.

Education is more than academics; it's about building a foundation for life. Our dedicated community of families, educators, and students work collaboratively to create an environment where every child can thrive.

We are committed to excellence in all aspects of our educational journey, understanding that what we do has lasting impact. At Risen Savior Academy, we educate with the conviction that through learning and faith, our students are equipped to make positive changes in the world.

In our community, we come together not just as a school, but as a family united in faith and purpose, preparing our children for a life of significance and service.

Our Story

Since its inception as a preschool in 2020, Risen Savior Academy has quickly grown from a modest beginning with just nine students to nearly 100 students spread across five classes. This expansion highlights the Academy's commitment to providing quality education and nurturing environments. The 2023/2024 academic year marked a significant milestone with the launch of our Elementary Program, starting with our inaugural Kindergarten class. Looking ahead, we aim to develop a comprehensive K-8 program over the next five years.

Our Future

Risen Savior Academy, alongside the Risen Savior Lutheran Church, is engaged in an ambitious Capital Campaign aimed at enhancing and expanding both the educational and spiritual facilities to better serve the growing community. The academy has plans to construct a two-story building to accommodate up to 180 students across up to nine classrooms, including specialized spaces like a library, music room, computer lab, and an art/science lab. This new structure will also feature a multi-purpose gymnasium suitable for worship, school lunches, and various events, complementing the existing facilities that currently serve the preschool programs.

Simultaneously, the church is looking to build a new sanctuary capable of seating up to 400 members, with additional facilities to support its growing congregation. This expansion is crucial for accommodating the increasing number of congregants and enhancing community services.

The Capital Campaign, with a goal of raising $15 million, is crucial for these developments. It represents a significant step towards accommodating the educational and spiritual needs of the Lakewood Ranch community and beyond. This campaign not only underscores the commitment of Risen Savior to its mission but also invites the community to invest in a future where education and faith continue to grow hand in hand.

For more detailed plans or to participate in the campaign, please visit our Capital Campaign page.