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Letter from our Early Childhood Director

Welcome to Risen Savior Academy Preschool! I'm Maria Ginés, the early childhood director at RSA. We opened in 2020 with a belief that every child is a precious gift from God, uniquely created with endless potential. Our goal is to provide a Christ-centered environment for spiritual, academic, physical, and emotional growth. We prioritize safety and stimulation, helping children explore and flourish.

Our dedicated educators foster a love for learning, creativity, and curiosity. We use the HighScope Curriculum to cater to young learners' unique needs, laying a strong foundation for their success. Through engaging activities and play-based learning, we ignite a passion for discovery. Our mission extends beyond the classroom, aiming to build a community of love, compassion, and service, following Jesus' example.

As partners in your child's Christian education, we encourage open communication and collaboration between parents, teachers, and staff. Together, we create a positive experience that sets the stage for lifelong learning.

Thank you for considering RSA for your child's early years. I look forward to getting to know your family and sharing this wonderful journey!

Maria Ginés

Risen Savior Academy Early Childhood Director

HighScope Curriculum

At Risen Savior Academy, we proudly embrace the HighScope Curriculum, a dynamic approach to early childhood education that nurtures independent, creative, and collaborative learners through active participatory learning. Our program is built on the principles of engagement, exploration, and independence, where children learn by doing—engaging directly with people, objects, events, and ideas.

In a HighScope classroom at Risen Savior Academy, every day is an opportunity for children to explore their curiosities in a structured environment that encourages them to plan, execute, and review their activities. This hands-on approach not only supports academic growth but also fosters critical life skills like decision-making, cooperation, and problem-solving.

Our educators are more than teachers; they are facilitators of knowledge, tailoring their interactions to support each child's developmental level. They observe, guide, and extend learning as children interact within a richly prepared environment. By implementing HighScope’s key components—such as the plan-do-review sequence, intentional activity planning, and supportive adult interactions—we ensure that each child at Risen Savior Academy receives a comprehensive learning experience that prepares them for the challenges of tomorrow.

Supportive Teachers

At Risen Savior Academy, our preschool program is anchored by a team of dedicated and expertly trained educators committed to providing a foundational early childhood education that emphasizes:

  • Comprehensive academic foundations.
  • A safe, orderly, and nurturing setting.
  • Individualized attention to engage each child.
  • Regular and meaningful communication with families.

Our approach is centered on recognizing and fostering the unique potential of each child, offering personalized interactions to cater to individual learning styles. This ensures that every child is engaged and supported in their educational journey. At Risen Savior Academy, we believe in laying a strong foundation for lifelong learning by creating a loving and stimulating environment that encourages our young learners to thrive in all areas of life.

Involved Families

At Risen Savior Academy, our preschool program is deeply woven into a community-centric environment, emphasizing the crucial role of family involvement in fostering exceptional educational outcomes and a nurturing upbringing. Our dedicated team of educators and staff strongly believes in the synergy that arises when families and educators collaborate closely.

To cultivate this partnership and enrich our vibrant community, we provide a variety of engagement opportunities for parents:

  • Active participation in classroom and school-wide events, including engaging activities like Harvest Party, Donuts with Daddy, and Muffins with Mommy.
  • A Parent-Teacher Organization (FORSA) that encourages parent involvement and volunteer opportunities.
  • Family-centered gatherings such as Family Movie Night and the Valentine’s Family Dance, which not only bring our families closer but also infuse our school life with fun and excitement.

These events are specifically designed to strengthen the bonds between home and school, ensuring Risen Savior Academy stands as a beacon of holistic development and joy for every child and their family.

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